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Thompson Education Consulting creates strategic growth plans set to produce partnerships, streamlined automations, proper team management & delegation, and resources for the empathetic leader who keeps equity in mind.

With over 10 years of experience helping various education industry leaders and a passion to bridge the gap between deserving students and distant resources, TEC, LLC is dedicated to providing services that foster a space for both equity and equality.

We’ve had the opportunity to provide Curriculum Design Services, Teacher & Leadership Training, and host specialized events for various private education groups, non-profits, and public schools. Not to mention, our love for the Urban Education Sector. 



Perfectly curated systems are what help keep your business structure and team a float. We create  systems for onboarding, capacity building, sustainability, and creating an organizational framework.

Curriculum Design

Designing a system that cultivates a space for student achievement, inclusivity, and creative learning structures is the future of education. Book us to design your curriculum today!

Professional Development

 Leaders are what keeps the ecosystem evolving, Evolving creates a space for constant development, and Development is the desire of every educator. Train with us and watch your program evolve.

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Driven Consulting

Allow the TEC team to help with creating equitable & safe spaces by  providing proper race-relations training, resources, and actionable tactics to be more inclusive.

Our Owner
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Owner of TEC, LLC, Retired Educator, Social Entrepreneur, Investor, Consultant to Tomorrow’s Leaders, Public Speaker, and Advocate for Black Women Owned Businesses and their ability to obtain financial freedom are the many hats that Kwamara Thompson wears. 


Kwamara started her entrepreneurial journey when she wrote her first children’s book at 8 years old and sold them to her friends. It was then, she married her passions for leadership, activism and education.


She continued serving her passion throughout her scholastic career at New York University Tisch School of the Arts and graduated in 2003. After graduating she created a lifestyle that allowed her to focus on entrepreneurship, creative endeavors, and serving as an educator - simultaneously. 


After building TEC, LLC in 2013, her desire is to continue to help small businesses, non-profits, and public schools with professional development, programming, and creating high-performing equitable work environments and safe spaces.


Learn more about Kwamara Thompson and Book her to speak at your next conference, podcast, or special event.

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