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Kwamara Thompson: Inspiring Change,
Empowering Black Women

Kwamara is a powerful movement that is driven by the initiative "I am a Black Woman, Yes I Matter." Her organization, Black Women Matter, is dedicated to promoting sistahood and building community among Black women through various means such as angel investing, education, creating platforms, and more.

Black Women Matter

This movement encourages Black women to support one another and build strong, positive relationships with each other. By creating a sense of sisterhood, the social movement fosters a culture of unity and collaboration among Black women.


Dynamic Speaking & Hosting

Kwamara possesses the unique ability to engage audiences with her thought leadership, magnetic stage presence, and unwavering passion for driving positive change. WIth her captivating storytelling and profound insights, she doesn't just speak; she inspires, educates, and empowers.


Another important aspect of Kwamara is angel investing. The organization provides resources and support to Black women who are interested in investing in startups and other businesses. 

By helping Black women become investors, Kwamara aims to increase the representation of Black women in the world of business and finance.


Media Presence

In addition, Kwamara is dedicated to creating platforms that amplify the voices of Black women. Through her YouTube channel, social media, events, and other initiatives, she strives to showcase the diverse perspectives and experiences of Black women and raise awareness about the challenges they face.

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Feel free to contact Kwamara for any inquiries or to request more information!

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